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This is an unsolicited email that a client sent to a friend in need of an estate sale. Personal information was removed (…) for confidentiality reasons.

Dear ________,
I had considered trying to (do it all) … but I was frankly overwhelmed with grief, trust and anger…

It is easier for me to just tell you ….poof..or wha-lah, a gift – Maria. I had made the final decision to move out for peace of mind … it was a very difficult but necessary decision. I hadn’t even told my family about this but I do have a friend, … and I revealed my intended forced relocation to her.

(My friend) had a friend who had passed away and the family utilized Maria’s services. She understands energetic print on objects and memory. My home was full of antiques and heirlooms that … represented one of the most stabile loving places I have ever hung my heart on and Maria gently but expeditiously helped by Craig’s list, Estate sale, donation, and consignment as well as offering some great creative suggestions with some personal items I just had to take. She came directly into my life when I needed a life-line. … with grace she was ready with clear paperwork contract of terms and scheduled my project.

… Maria cleaned, organized, priced and merchandised all and left garage/and all broom clean.

… I am certain she will be supportive and “clear” anything inside and out that you need … while making this change a powerfully positive as you desire.

Client wishes to remain anonymous

Clearing Chaos helped me greatly in time of desperate need. They coordinated the complete effort of multiple teams to prepare our Parent’s estate for resale. They offer different options from simple throw away and clean, to organize and document your belongings for storage elsewhere. They listen and communicate effectively along the way letting you know of progress made in home restoration and repairs. Our family achieved less worry and stress because of their efforts to perform duties we simply did not have time or skills to do.

They made excellent recommendations for the most practical and economical solutions. They showed care and respect toward the elderly. I can highly recommend Maria and her team for these services.

Update: The house sold in 10 days after listing.

John Moffett
Lombard, IL

My brother suddenly became ill and passed away shortly afterwards. He lived alone in his fairly large home in the Midwest and held on to many things he acquired throughout the years. Since I live in New England, it has been a godsend to have Maria and her “crew” working at my brother’s house, going through box after box of saved items. I trust Maria completely to sell at an estate sale the objects that are worthwhile and properly dispose of those that are not. She is highly organized and efficient and very responsible. I very much appreciate someone as objective and sensitive as Maria to sort through my brother’s possessions, clean and prepare his house to be in pristine shape so it can be quickly sold. She has overseen repairs and various touch-up jobs that were essential and that would have been very difficult for me to orchestrate from a distance. I simply do not know what I would have done without Maria effectively managing my brother’s estate.

Thank you Maria!

Update: The house sold.

Larry Antosz
Coventry, CT

When my 91 year old mother had to move to an assisted living facility we needed to clear out 20 years of clutter and sell her condo in Chicago. Living in San Francisco I could not be there for the entire process. Maria handled everything. She made the arrangements with the building managers, consignment shop, charity organizations and supervised the “volunteer’s packing party”.

I know Maria through a mutual friend. I knew she had integrity and that I could trust her. I was amazed at how good she was at clearing and organizing. She kept finding treasured photographs, important documents and objects from my past, many of which I had thought were lost. She even staged and arranged the condo using what was there.

When I saw the photos on the realtor’s web site I was amazed at how good that old condo looked. The realtor cautioned me that it could take a year to sell the condo especially since it would appeal mostly to buyers who would do a gut rehab. We got an offer the first week it showed. The closing is in a few days.

Marcia, San Francisco, CA

When my mom passed away at her home on Hilton Head Island, S.C., my brother and I flew down to prepare for the funeral and to start to prepare her condominium for sale. To our surprise her home sold within two weeks. We were totally overwhelmed by the thought of having to clear everything out within a month. My brother could not take any additional time off from work, so I was left with the task.I immediately thought of my friend Maria because I knew she was particularly gifted with the ability to organize and clear space. We flew down together from Chicago, and within a week, Maria helped me to clear out a lifetime of possessions. She was invaluable in helping me to figure out what to keep and what to toss. She also took on the task of clearing out my mom’s closet which was particularly difficult for me emotionally. Her background in hospice work was also a big plus as she understands the grieving process and is sensitive to your needs. Without her help, I would never have been able to get the task done.

Suzy, Chicago, IL

“I would like to thank Maria Arsenijevich of Clearing Chaos for helping my wife Milka and I in declutering our attic. After years of my wife and I being caregivers for my in laws since the year 2000, we ended up inheriting all of my in laws belongings, on top of things we had already from my late parents. She showed us the proper way of reorganization that gave us the emotional tools we needed to do the job ourselves. I strongly recommend her and her service Clearing Chaos for any reason you may have to declutter, or downsize your household inventory.”

John Jovan Bosanac, Berwyn, IL

… I am a Senior Case Manager with DuPage County Senior Services, I service seniors in the community and assist with them remaining in the community. I have worked with several clients whose homes became unmanageable, most of the time due to hoarding. With these clients I have been able to get Maria involved to assist our seniors.

Not only does she do an excellent job at assisting the clients with organizing, tossing and donating their items she really takes an interest in their lives. Maria has always been able to meet the client where they are in the process. She does not force them to work too fast but at the same time encourages them to work as hard as possible. She listens to their story and incorporates that into her work.

Clearing Chaos is very good about staying within a budget and getting as much done as they can with that budget….

Melissa Bernt
Senior Case Manager
DuPage County Senior Service


Having a free assessment is a valuable tool. It allows us to have a good grasp of the cost involved and give you “realistic” information that helps you make good decisions. In the case of Ann’s mother’s home. During the assessment consultation I determined that there wasn’t enough there to render a successful estate sale. I advised her to have the family take the sentimental and valuable items.

Ann wrote:

“… You were wonderful. After five days of watching our childhood home basically get thrown out, we were all in a bit of shock and then it was back to work.

On the advice of all three real estate agents, we sold the home as is. It turns out the buyers actually wanted some of the good furniture that we had left waiting to find out what Mom would want.

(We) … all took items that meant something to each of us and packed up Mom’s personal stuff for her.

Everything worked out well. … You were very kind and realistic in a time when we all needed some direction.”

Best, Ann Fritcher

I consider this a success story even though we did not get the job.