Professional Decluttering & Estate Sale Rates

Home Organization & Decluttering Services Rates

Free Assessment Consultations
are offered so you may have an idea of what your situation will cost. We assess the situation, find out what your goals are, determine the number of crew members needed, the expertise level needed and the number of hours and days needed to accomplish your goals. This includes travel time* to and from the site, on and off site work – planning, scheduling, phone calls, errands and all other work pertaining to the project such as supervising outside services.

Estimates are on a per project basis

A written quote is presented outlining the plan of action and the cost based on the findings from the assessment meeting.

Very large projects, extreme chronic clutter, infestations and/or HAZMAT situations are quoted at a higher rate.

*Travel over 20 miles, parking fees, trains, planes and hotels are at an additional charge.

Outside Services
Use of professional outside services may at times be needed (i.e. hauling companies, rental supplies, HAZMAT removal). Quotes for such services will be obtained and submitted to the client and approved by the client before such services are employed.

Purchases & Supplies
Purchases made by Clearing Chaos for items remaining with and becoming the property of the client shall be prepaid to Clearing Chaos. Prices for the items to be purchased will be obtained and submitted to the client and approved by the client before purchasing said items. Receipts will be provided.

Estate Sales
Due to a growing need from our clients Clearing Chaos runs Estate and Moving Sales. It is a very good way to clear out a home full of unwanted items that are in great condition. A separate contract is provided for these sales.