Professional Home Decluttering near Downers Grove IL

The transformation that occurs by clearing clutter and creating an organized space has always been a fascinating and satisfying experience for me.

All my life family, friends and acquaintances have called on me to declutter and organize their closets, offices, basements and homes. I have helped families move and prepared their homes for selling. It was not until I assisted a close friend in clearing her mother’s condo that my passion for estate clearing was realized. Estate Clearing allows me to take my hospice training and creative problem solving skills to a higher level.

With estate clearing and decluttering I can help people who are hurting by using skills that come naturally. That is the foundation of Clearing Chaos, to help people in need with compassion, without judgement and with complete confidentiality.


I graduated from Loyola University of Chicago with a major in art, minor in psychology. My passion for art, order and creative problem solving led me to become an owner of a graphic design firm in Chicago for 20 years. For two years I was a caregiver for my mom. Those two years were the most intimate, painful, and rewarding years of my life. During that time I found I had a great empathy for the terminally ill and their families. After that experience I trained as a hospice volunteer taking on the position of assistant to the co-coordinators of The Twilight Brigade – Compassion in Action, as well as, chairman of the Public Relations Committee.

I moved back home to Elmhurst to look after my father. Another amazing and intimate experience. After his passing, at the age of 90, I decided it was time to pursue my passion for clearing chaos.

De-clutter and let your spirit SOAR

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