Estate Clearing & Decluttering Services

Estate Clearing – our specialty

Clearing out the home of a loved one who is relocating or has passed away can be emotionally difficult. Clearing out a home you have lived in for decades to move to a smaller apartment or condo can be equally difficult. There is a grieving process experienced in both situations. Grieving for the loss of a loved one is expected. Grieving for the loss of our connection to our past that possessions represent is often stronger than expected. I draw upon my hospice volunteer training to help you through this stressful and seemingly overwhelming process.

We have had the privilege of helping many families through this experience. Our services have allowed them to get on with their lives with less stress knowing that the estate clearing is in kind and competent hands

Clearing, a great way to prepare a home for selling.
A clean, clutter free home is easier to sell. We de-clutter, deep clean and re-arrange furniture for better traffic flow. The change in energy from dark, stuffy and stagnant to bright, clean and clear is amazing. The realtors notice the energy shift. When a buyer walks into a home we have prepared they are greeted by a fresh, clean scent and clear, clutter free viewing. A positive viewing experience can lead to a fast closing. It has happened with us.

Full disclosure and confidentiality are practiced at all times.
With respect and compassion we sort through, categorize and organize the belongings accumulated over a lifetime. We carefully sift through the treasures and important documents and separate them from the junk. We purge, dispose of any junk, plus arrange pick-ups from consignment shops and donation organizations for the items that are in good condition. You decide what to keep, sell or donate. Our involvement can be as total as handling it all, to as minimal as you wish.

Getting it done fast
Do you need to avoid next month’s payments or meet a closing deadline? If you do not have the luxury of time you can count on us to get it done.

References are provided upon request.

We Run Estate Sales

Estate sales are a great way to liquidate a houseful of furniture and valuable items. Due to an ever growing need by our client’s we clear the clutter, prepare for, set-up and run the estate sale. We price, tag, arrange, display, and advertise the sale. Contact us at Clearing Chaos for a free estimate.

Clutter Relief

Some times we find ourselves in a situation beyond our control. It does not matter how you got there. What matters is that you have the courage to ask for help. Our confidential, hands-on approach, frees you from the burden and overwhelm of clutter. We sort, separate, categorize, dispose of junk, plus arrange pick-ups from consignment shops and donation organizations for the items that are in good condition. You decide what to keep, sell or donate. We implement proven organizing solutions tailored to your needs, goals, personality and lifestyle. Solutions that fit you, that is the key to maintaining a clutter free space. We make the recommendations. You make the choices. You are in control.

Relocation, Moving and Downsizing

Moving is one of the top 3 stress factors in life. Moving from a home you have lived in for a lifetime can be traumatic. Emotions and memories keep you and your family from making sound decisions. Whether you are moving to a smaller home, condo, retirement community, nursing care center, hospice, or even another family member’s home, we can help.

Save yourself stress, time and money by allowing Clearing Chaos to DECLUTTER BEFORE YOU MOVE. Pay to pack, move and unpack only the things you truly need and want.

Storage Solutions

The right storage solution ensures success in maintaining your reclaimed, clutter-free space. Let us find the appropriate storage solutions that fit your lifestyle.

Speaking Engagements

Learn the latest strategies on how to de-clutter and let your spirit SOAR.

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